Saturday, June 2, 2012

Caught Up

It is June. I haven't posted since April.  I am just a little behind...

June has already had huge milestones and it is only June 2nd.  Cooper got to pitch his first baseball game today. He was so excited to pitch and only got a little nervous.  Not bad for a kid who has never even practiced pitching. He did great. The only bad thing about the experience is he is now obsessed with pitching and I see a bullpen being set up in my living room tomorrow.

Carter also hit a milestone in June!  No, not walking. No, not sleeping through the night. No, he hasn't said "Mama" yet. But his ninth tooth definitely poked through.  He has a mouthful of teeth and has developed a love of grilled cheese sandwiches. He has also developed a love of biting others. His newest tooth is coming in very handy for both.

My niece, Cloe, had her first day of work at Burgerville!  She was a little nervous but I am sure she was fabulous!! She was the cashier at Counter #1 and was ready to go with a smile on her face. She's just a doll. I am so proud of her.

June is also the month when I am going to get caught up at work, caught up on housework and most importantly, get caught up on sleep.  Carter is not a sleeper. He is a great napper but a horrible night time sleeper. Well, that isn't entirely true. He is a horrible night time CRIB sleeper. If he is snuggled in between David and I, he seems to sleep just fine but in the crib he wakes up multiple times. My happy boy ends up looking like this...

Which causes me to look like this....

Scary, huh?  You see why I need him to sleep through the night in his crib???!!!

I am hoping June holds many more milestones including Carter sleeping in his own room through the night and Cooper passing 2nd grade. If I were a betting woman, I would lay all my money on my oldest child. He only has 13 days to go to pass 2nd grade; Carter may not sleep on his own until he moves out.

I hope your June is full of happy milestones and getting caught up!

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