Friday, February 24, 2012

3rd grade math

When you work as a librarian at an elementary school and a substitute teacher doesn't show up... they ask you. That is how I ended up teaching 3rd grade math today.  And even though I work in a school and am a certified teacher, I have not a clue how to teach 3rd grade math.

After turning on no less than 4 pieces of technology, reading 3 pages of single spaced notes, and drinking 2 large cups of coffee, I was ready.  Or so I thought.  Math is hard. 3rd graders can be harder.

Now keep in mind, I know these kids! I know each and everyone of them by name. I can tell you what reading level they read at and what books they enjoy. They KNOW I am a teacher.  Or so I thought.

"You are our SUB??"
"Are you sure the office knows you are the teacher?"
"Who asked you to be here?"
"Are you going to teach us or are we just doing library stuff?"
and my favorite...
"Mrs. Chun, have you ever taught like, um, real 3rd grade?"

Um, like, no.

We survived. They maybe even learned a little math.  

And as for my 3rd grade math.... I am still working on my rounding.

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  1. I think I need lessons on how to create a great blog, because this is adorable!!!!! Nice job! :)