Thursday, February 23, 2012 goes...

Welcome to Chuns of Fun. This is a place to check out if you want to see the madness that makes up my life.  It may not be glamorous or sophisticated, but it's my life. It's now or never. (Cue Bon Jovi song).  

As I type my first ever blog post, I have a 10 month old in a high chair wearing about 19 Cheerios and a 7 year old running round the family room in his underwear and mismatched socks.  I just realized that Cooper is wearing the same underwear for the second day in a row. Did I not wash 8 loads of laundry this weekend? Did he run out in 4 days? I thought the bad hygiene didn't kick in until middle school... maybe my boy is an overachiever?? 

Too bad it is 8:06 and already my bedtime. I need to try and get a bag packed for the baby tomorrow, a lunch packed for the big kid and get my kitchen somewhat cleaned up. Is it wrong that sauce from dinner two nights ago is still stuck to my stove?

Maybe tomorrow's post won't have as many questions.... maybe I will figure out how to post pictures.....maybe Cooper will put on clean underwear.... stay tuned.

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  1. traci! your blog is already hilarious!!!! :) love it.

    its super cute too.

    and the name? PERFECTION :)

    can't wait to read more! wootie woot!