Monday, February 27, 2012

Basketball, Oreos & Fits

It was an exciting weekend here at the Chun house. Cooper played great during his basketball game on Saturday. When I say "played great" this didn't mean he scored or even had an assist. It means he only fell on the floor thirteen times and fouled the other team twice.  His friend Gavin's dad refers to Cooper as the "Charles Barkley of kid basketball."  We lost the game 14 to 0 but my kid didn't get into any on-court fights or push anyone down so I will go ahead and call that a win.

Carter enjoyed his first ever Oreo cookie. He wasn't so sure about it at first but like all of us in the Chun family, he took to the cookies fairly quickly. I will probably be finding black bits of cookie for the next week in my kitchen. Okay, let's be honest.  The crumbs will still be around next month.

Carter meets Oreo.
I even had an exciting moment this weekend. No, it wasn't the trip to Fabric Depot or the Oscars (although they were both pretty great). My exciting moment happened when I demolished the front fender of my car. Have you ever seen someone with a huge dent in their front fender and wondered.. "How would someone possibly get a dent there?"  I will tell you.  You park in a parking spot with a yellow cement post nearby. You start backing up, look over your shoulder as you crank the wheel, and BAM! Yellow post meet Traci's fender. Was it embarrassing? Yes. Did I curse? You know it.  Did I cry? Maybe a little.
"Charles Barkley" rode home with David so I threw a mini-fit the whole way home. Nothing that a package of Oreo cookies and a used fender can't fix. 

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