Sunday, April 8, 2012

From Clueless to Fan to Fanatic

Cooper has played baseball since he was 5 only because we signed him up and never really asked him. He loved it but only wanted to play baseball during baseball time.  He wasn't interested in watching it on TV, playing catch outside or watching other teams play. He didn't show any interest in watching any kinds of sports on TV until about 8 months ago. My "sometime" baseball player suddenly turned into a sports fan and a three sport athlete.  All at age 7.

I think it started with football in the fall or maybe with basketball this winter.  He had played different sports and now had an idea of how they all were played. This seemed to ignite a spark. All I know is that my child who didn't have a clue what ESPN or Sports Illustrated was started asking to watch sports on television and was even setting the DVR to record SportsCenter. He started watching football then basketball, on to hockey, soccer, you name it. Professional, college, amateur, men's, women's... he isn't picky. If it has jerseys and some kind of referee, he is watching. 

I love that he loves sports. What I don't love is that he now plays them every waking minute of the day. Did you know that a pair of socks can become a hockey puck? And that a pair of your dad's socks inside a stocking cap works great as a football? A pair of socks tightly rolled can be a baseball or a basketball. It drives me crazy. He is constantly shooting an imaginary ball, catching an invisible pass or tackling an imaginary opponent. I am not kidding. It. is. Constant.

He loves the Kentucky Wildcats, the Baylor Bears, the Portland Trailblazers, the Portland Winterhawks, anything WSU, the Seahawks, the Mariners, and just about any other team he can find a connection to. We have wonderful family members and friends (who are like family) who constantly buy him all kinds of cool gear. He was so proud to wear his "Bow to Da Brow" t-shirt (Anthony Davis from U of K shirt) the day of the National Championships and strutted his Baylor shirt the day Britteny Griner led the Lady Bears to victory.  It cracks me up.

One year ago, I had a kid who didn't know what a touchdown was or a three point shot or a penalty kick. Now we have a fanatic on our hands who dreams of being a professional athlete.  Baseball just started again and I think he loves it. Maybe it is the glimmer in his eye when he gets suited up... maybe it is the smile on his face when he has a great game....maybe it is just the love of the game. Apparently he has a love of ALL the games.  It's all good. As long as we can find a pair of clean socks.

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