Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I'm hungry. Seriously. I am obsessed with food. I am on Day 9 of my "24 Days of Hell" (otherwise known as Medifast) and it is consuming my life. I only think about food. You know the saying, "Eat to live... don't live to eat?"  It was a naturally skinny person who said that.  Or someone getting paid to say it. Trust me.

In terms of weight loss, I can't really complain.  I have lost 6 pounds in those 9 days. Everyone says, "Wow! That is great!"  And it is... except.... anyone would lose that much if they were starving like I am.
If you only ate about 1000 calories a day with very few carbs and hardly any sugar, you too would lose weight. And probably be as grouchy as I am.  I am sure my co-workers are ready to try and sneak some bacon into my Medifast shakes or sign me up for an involuntary transfer.

This coming Tuesday is my 13th wedding anniversary so I have "allowed" myself a cheat meal so David and I can go to dinner. Just the two of us. Exciting, right?!  I love my husband and love hanging out with him but to be perfectly honest.... I am more excited about eating a real meal.  I already know exactly what I am going to eat.  And I am telling you right now it doesn't include a "lean protein" nor a "green vegetable." It will include onion rings (no matter the restaurant...even if I have to pack my own) and I might just try to get bread instead of a salad as my starter. I'm not kidding.

I know I shouldn't "live to eat" or whatever... but right now... it is the only thing that keeps me going. I have 17 more days (minus one anniversary dinner).  I will make it. I have to finish what I started. I may have fewer friends and my family dislike me...but I will make it.  It will be hard...I know the next 17 days will be all about dreaming of food and obsessing about what I would eat if I could. 

I don't know what I will do on Cheese Zombie lunch day at school. I may have to call in sick. What can I say? I'm hungry.


  1. Oh, I would definitely skip the salad, my dear! And, Cheese Zombies? Oh, the memories. I may have to join you for lunch some day! Hang in there, babe! :)

  2. Cheese Zombies! They still serve those? I miss the "mexican pizza" and thanksgiving dinner lunch.