Thursday, March 1, 2012


Last month, my friend Shannan and I went on a journey to Kansas for Craft Weekend. It was hosted by Meg Deurksen (a blogger who is famous, wonderful, kind, beautiful, etc.) and it was an amazing trip.  We met women from across the country who instantly became our friends. Time to craft and sew, laugh and eat, and just enjoy the company of others.  The best part? No one asked me what was for dinner, I didn't do any dishes and I got to sleep in.  Before our plane even left Wichita, Shannan and I decided we needed to do one closer to home.

Enter... A-B-C Weekend! Art, Beach & Crafts. We are here in Lincoln City in an amazing home setting up for our first weekend.  We have women coming from Idaho, Seattle and Vancouver. We may not be famous bloggers or as talented as Meg but still people wanted to come! :)

We have some fun projects for the ladies to do, some good eats prepared (Hummingbird Cake for one) and maybe an excursion to the Casino or Outlet Mall.  I am excited to meet some new people, bake some cakes and scones, and sleep in.  Can you tell that Carter is still waking up at 2 AM???

The highlight of the trip to the beach has to be the chocolate turnover from Arby's on the way down. Seriously. $1 and it tastes like it came from a high end French bakery. If you haven't indulged, I highly recommend one. Or two.  Shannan doesn't know it yet but she will be stopping on the way home.

The back of Shannan's Denali... 4 sewing machines, 2 coolers, 4 boxes of fabric... you get the idea

I hope to post some pictures between cooking and cleaning and crafting!  We may need a U-Haul to get everything home...

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  1. i love that you guys are doing this! so crazy, and so fun! what an awesome adventure to take on! so excited to read more about how it went! have fun ladies!