Thursday, March 8, 2012

Snap, Crackle, Pop

A few weeks ago, I woke up with a sore shoulder. As the day went on, it only got worse. By lunch I could hardly use my right arm because it hurt so bad. My friend, Paula, told me I HAD to go see her chiropractor. In fact, she called him for me right then and there.  This led up to my first ever Chiropractic experience.  I was excited. A little nervous but truly looking forward to my appointment.

You see, I kinda like weird and gross things. I should have been a dermatologist. I love to peel, pick, poke and the oozier it is... the better.  Things most people think are disgusting, I actually find joy in.  For example, using the bulb syringe on Carter's green, goopy nose. Hearing the snot get sucked up into the syringe and then shooting it out onto a rag bring me such enjoyment.  Seriously. When my friend Michelle had nasal surgery years ago and I got to pull out the 6 feet of packing.... it was as if I had won the lottery. Going to the chiropractor, I figured I would feel better and I knew I would hear my joints pop and snap so I couldn't wait.

My chiropractor, Dr. Seale, didn't disappoint.  He was friendly and funny.  He actually used to be a teacher. I was in his office for an hour. My body let out some LOUD pops. I am sure he thinks I am a freak.

Here is a synopsis of my appointment:
Talk with Dr. about symptoms and health history, Dr. talks about what he can do to help alleviate my symptoms, move to the table for an adjustment.  Enter the freak show, also known as Traci Chun.

I couldn't stop laughing or clapping. Anyone who knows me knows that if I laugh or get excited, I clap. Like a seal. It is the cheerleader in me, I guess.  Dr. Seale does the first adjustment and I hear a loud "pop". I instantly start clapping and shout out, (I mean it, I did shout out) "WOW! That was loud!  Will the other joints be even louder??"  Luckily, Dr. Seale has a great sense of humor and egged me on. Each and every time a joint would pop or snap, I would laugh maniacally and clap. No joke.  Hearing the snap, crackle and pop was PURE joy.

After my visit, my shoulder felt better... my hips and upper back felt better.... but the snaps and pops were the best.  I mean it.  I go again next week.  I start clapping and laughing just thinking about it.

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