Friday, March 2, 2012

Food & Forgetfulness

Notice the full sink - I ran the dishwasher 3 times today!
Today was all about food for me and crafts for Shannan. It was prep day for A-B-C Weekend (arts, beach & crafts) and this is where I spent my day.  I wanted to make as much of the food for the weekend today so I could help the crafters and not be in the kitchen the whole time.  I made meals for 8 people for the whole weekend... today. Phew.  It would have been much easier if I would have had all of my normal kitchen tools.  I made a cheesecake, a cake, cinnamon rolls, frosting, and whipping cream with a mixer with only one beater. Yup. That was one thing I forgot.

Shannan was in charge of setting up the sewing machines and all the crafts. She started at one end of the table and worked her way around... oiling machines, putting in new needles, loading bobbins.... until she got to my old sewing machine. No bobbin cartridge. How in the heck did I forget that?  Oops. Put it on the list for Joann's.  She moved onto my new Singer machine... power cord.  Seriously?  I brought two machines and both out of commission.  I was up to three things forgotten at home. What else?

Paper for tables. Phone charger. Italian salad dressing. Hair dryer.  I thought I was so organized!

After two trips to Joann's and Safeway, a phone call home for the power cord, and some creativity, I think everything will work out.  Sometimes I think forgetting things forces us to think differently. Even if things don't work perfectly at least I know we have enough food.  Now...a slice of cheesecake.


  1. Next time, Karina! I think we are going to do this again in summer or fall! It is truly a getaway for the girls who cooking, no dishes, no cleaning up! Just eating, crafting, shopping and sleeping! Maybe some laughing and hot tubbing in there too. I will let you know when the next one will be....