Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My life revolves around cars. My husband owns an automotive repair business and has several race cars.  I knew going into this life years ago that my life would include motor oil stains and countless trips to the race track. When Cooper came into our world, almost 8 years ago, I figured he would have a love affair with cars too. I knew that one day he would want a race car and would want to go fast. After all, my water broke at Woodburn Dragstrip, he traveled to a race in Boise at only 5 weeks old, and has spent every summer watching or listening to the races.  It is just in his genetic code. Now we are just weeks away from his race car debut.
Cooper will be driving this Junior Dragster this spring and summer. He may even get to race on his actual birthday. I knew this was coming. I am coming to terms with it.

Besides, I have Carter... he looks like me so he must have my genetic code, right?  He won't want to race cars and go fast!  Maybe he just wants to watch the races like his mom?? Carter's first trip to PIR on Sunday included some time in the driver's seat. 
After David took this picture, I realized I have lost both of my boys to the "automotive genetic code."

Looks like I need to start investing in helmets and racing suits now.

 in the "driver's seat

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