Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's all fun and games...until someone gets a black eye

Three days a week Carter is raised by his Auntie Susan. I use the term "raised" because saying "babysat" or "watched" doesn't begin to describe what Susan does.  She truly helps us parent both of our boys. I don't know what we would ever do without her.  I know my boys are as wonderful as they are in part to her.  She has helped teach ABC's, snuggled to sleep, changed too many diapers to count, taught how to share, and loved on them more than anyone. Carter is also a social bug because of his auntie.

Two of the days Susan has Carter she also has our friend's son, Brody.  Brody is exactly 34 days older than Carter and is Carter's best friend. They play together, they laugh at each other and they love to "help" each other. Brody likes to "help" Carter not use his pacifier by taking it from him; Carter likes to "help" Brody learn to share by biting him whenever he has a toy he wants. They love each other.

Over the past weekend, Brody figured out how to walk around things and push things. This was perfect timing as Carter is loving to ride on the little fire truck toy! Carter could ride...Brody would push.  Susan sent darling pictures of proud Brody pushing giggling Carter around on the truck. Check out these boys rolling at our friend Pam's house.

It was great fun. They loved it. Susan and Pam thought they were adorable. Until the crash.

The fire truck took a turn and went down. Carter took a header off the side and crashed to the floor.  He landed on the side of his head on a plastic toy. He started to cry which made Brody cry. Carter crying because he was hurt... Brody crying (we like to think) because he is such a good friend. With a bleeding baby and both babies crying, Susan started to cry.  Okay, not really (I may be exaggerating) but from the sound of it she was a little panicked. Auntie doesn't like it when kids get hurt on her watch.
The scratched eye and nose

I am sure this is only the beginning of injuries for Carter.  The odds are stacked against him; he is a boy, he loves to play, and he is the youngest.  Susan was far more upset about his scratched nose and eye than I was and Carter was over it the minute the bottle hit his mouth.  The marks will be gone by next week.

I can't wait to watch Brody & Carter grow and continue to hurt... I mean... love each other. I know there will be scrapes, bruises and maybe a few stitches or casts along the way. And for Susan? I can't wait for her to continue to help us raise "our" boys... with or without black eyes and scratched noses.

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  1. Great post Traci! And thanks for taking it all in stride and recognizing the boys are "loving" each other, even if that means a few bumps and bruises along the way! :( So cool for us to watch them grow up together!