Saturday, March 3, 2012

Beef, it's what's for dinner

Here at A-B-C Weekend, we don't mess around. When we told our crafters they would be eating well this weekend, we weren't lying. When you have a meat packer in the family and you request some steak for the weekend, this is what you get.

Have you ever seen steaks this big before? Maybe on a Flintstone's episode? Maybe one of those eating challenges on the Food Network? They were HUGE.  They were DELICIOUS.  We managed to eat them. I guess we worked hard today. Sewing, crafting, shopping. We were hungry! Thanks to Ashley for getting the slabs of beef past TSA and for barbecuing them to perfection!

After steak and some ruffling, we managed to put away half of the Hummingbird cake too. Ruffling is hard work even with a ruffle foot attachment. Our new motto is "Everyday I'm Ruffling" sung to the tune of Party Rock Anthem.  I will be singing it as I shuffle the piles and piles of stuff out to the car in the morning.  The inaugural A-B-C Weekend comes to a close tomorrow morning at 11. It has been awesome. We are already planning another one!  If you are interested in attending an A-B-C Weekend, click on link, post a comment or send me an email and I will send you information!

Now... to do some dishes and then maybe a little hot tub!

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