Monday, March 12, 2012

The Roll-X Weekend

My favorite driver of the weekend, my dad
When we left for Pacific Raceways on Saturday afternoon, we were excited for the Roll-X Enduro race. We knew we would come home on Sunday with at least one more thing broken on the motorhome, a race car that would need some new parts and exhausted drivers and children. What we didn't expect to come home with was.... strep throat.

The Roll-X race was a blast. Going in to the event with a new car, a team of 4 drivers (with 2 rookies), and a lot of unknown variables... we didn't even know if we would be able to finish the 16 hours of racing. The car held up (minus some brake pads and a tire), the drivers were talented and the car only received a few tire marks on the driver door (courtesy of another driver trying to pass and Nascar John refusing to let them :).  The team finished in 4th place (only 2 laps out of 3rd). It was awesome! Cooper didn't fare as well.

Cooper didn't leave the motorhome all weekend. He slept. He didn't eat or get dressed or even play with his cousins or friends.  After sleeping all day Sunday and then all night Sunday, I took him into the doctor on Monday morning. Strep throat.  Here we are. 10 days of yucky medicine and hopefully some rest. 

We are gearing up for the next race - a Chump Car event - buying new parts, resting up, and as always, repairing the motorhome. I am sure the next event will be even better, hopefully without the rain, hail and snow during the race!  The drivers are excited - the kids are excited - the crew is ready to go.  Maybe next time we can come home with a trophy instead of an infection. 

Sean rolling in the hail

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