Friday, March 16, 2012

How often do you clean out your refrigerator? Odds are it is more often than I do. My wonderful friend, Lindsey, suggested last week (or maybe two weeks ago) that I really should clean out my fridge. I don't know if she told me because she was grossed out or if she was worried I was going to make her children ill if they ate at my house. Anyway, I put it on my to-do list and today it actually happened. 

I sat Carter in his high chair, sent Cooper outside to shoot some hoops, got out a big garbage bag and got to work.  I had the usual stuff to clean out...old salad dressing, expired yogurts, and moldy cheese.  Or at least that is usual for my fridge.  It was pretty full of all kinds of stuff. I continued cleaning it out...and was surprised at some of the stuff I found.  I mean, I do get in the fridge EVERY day (usually several times). It isn't like this is some closet or drawer that things are crammed into. Yet, I had no clue some of the stuff that was lurking in it.

Two bottles of mustard (both half full), three jars of pickles (all full), and a bottle of tartar sauce with a 2010 expiration date. What happened to 2011? Apparently I went all year without cleaning the fridge.  There was evidence of Cooper's Italian meat phase (salami and pepperoni) from the fall, cake from two weekends ago, and at least four bags of cheese. Chili sauce, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce. Three jars of cherry jam (one empty).  Seriously? Who has all this stuff in their fridge?  Please say it isn't only me.

An hour later I am the proud owner of a clean refrigerator. However, it is now a clean but empty refrigerator. I have eggs, some condiments and milk. It felt great to cross one thing off my to-do list. But it looks like a trip to Winco has been added to tomorrow's to-do list.

It is now safe to eat at the Chun House


  1. be sure to buy more pickles!!!

  2. Love it. I think my fridge is similar to yours. So you are saying tarter sauce from 2010 isn't good anymore? Hmmm guess I better double check mine :)

  3. I do not have to worry whenever my baby girl visits my refrigerator is cleaned out of any expired items. I love it -visit and all.